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Would you like to have freedom with food?

Would you like to feel good about your body?

If the answer is yes, you’re already on a journey towards these.

On this journey, getting the right help can support the process of:

  • transforming your experience of your body. This applies to anyone wanting to be less concerned with their appearance, or more at peace with how they look, including (but not only) those with Body Dysmorphic Disorder or with the body image issues (appearance concerns) that are part of an eating disorder.

There are a number of different approaches to healing eating issues (difficulties with food) and body image issues (appearance concerns). The approach offered by Freedom with Food involves first coming to a more complete understanding of what is going on for you so that the next steps can meet your needs as fully and precisely as possible; then support with making any necessary personal and practical changes to heal and transform the difficulties. To find out more, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.