About Lena Cromartie

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Lena is of Scottish descent and grew up in a number of European countries. New Zealand is now her permanent home.

Lena has recovered from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. She trained in the UK first as a counsellor and then on working with people experiencing food and body image issues. This background gives her both an understanding of the challenges faced by sufferers and knowledge of possible solutions.

Since 2003, Lena has been using her training to help people find more satisfying ways of living. She is committed to continually adding to her knowledge and skills, particularly of ‘talk therapies’ such as counselling and coaching. She has recently finished 3 years of training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and is working towards becoming a registered psychotherapist. She is passionate about the potential people have to find an easier, happier relationship with food and with their body, and to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Among other qualifications, Lena has a Diploma in Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders, a Post-graduate Diploma in Counselling, and a Diploma in Life Coaching. She is a full member of NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors). In the UK, she is a registered counsellor and accredited member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). She is the author of Bingeing, Dieting and You: 30 things every woman needs to know.

Lena’s personal interests include the principles and practices of meditation, the meeting together of different cultures and languages, a mind-body-spirit approach to health, and enjoying Wellington.

To find out more about Lena or her work, you are warmly invited to make contact.