Loving Your Body

Do you ever…

…weigh yourself more often than is useful?
…fear if you start putting on weight you’ll never stop?
…put off doing something fun until you look different?
…avoid liking your body in case it leads to weight gain?
…avoid being seen by people because of how you look?
…think less of yourself as a person because of your body?
…plan endless how to get closer to having your ideal body?
…find what kind of day you have is determined by the scales?
…catch sight of yourself and then experience a mood change?
…believe if only your body was smaller, thinner, a different shape or better proportioned, you could be happy?

Wouldn’t it be great if none of this was true? What if all the energy that goes into thinking and feeling negatively about your body could be used for what you really want to do? What if you valued yourself and your body, and could live your life at ease with how you look?

Happily, with the right help it’s possible for everyone to find more ease in how they look and in themselves.

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