Finding freedom with food

If you don't binge-eat, scroll down for more information. Otherwise:

• Do you regularly overeat to deal with stress and other feelings?
• Do you feel out of control at these times?
• Would you like to stop but don’t know how?
• Would learning more about this in a small, supportive group be helpful to you?

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in Tackling Binge-Eating. This 4 week course will run 11 am to 12.30 each Saturday morning, starting from Saturday 28th July.
Cost: $150. Registration deadline: 20th July. Location: Wellington CBD.

By the end of the group, participants will:
understand more about binge eating
have Identified some of the personal factors involved in their bingeing pattern
find out what holds them back from change
know more about the change process
learn strategies for making changes

To allow for individual help, there will be a maximum of 4 participants.

For more information, you are welcome to contact Lena

Or you may not binge-eat, but do you ever...

...overeat to avoid hunger? differently when alone?
...feel out of control around food?
...not know if you’re hungry or not?
…overeat after breaking a food rule?
...divide foods into good and bad foods?
...swing between ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’?
…overeat whenever you’re not on a diet?
…keep hoping tomorrow will be different?
…think that the problem is not having found the right diet?
...feel trapped in an endless battle to control what you eat? to feel better (even if you know you’ll feel worse later)?
...find your mood affected by how much or what you’ve eaten?

Or do you ever...

...go for 8 hours or more without eating?
...go hungry to feel better about yourself?
...find yourself lying about what you’ve eaten?
…realise you’re thinking about food all the time?
...worry about the effect of the food you’ve eaten?
...avoid social occasions because food will be involved?
...get anxious when you fear you might break a food rule?
...spend more time than you want to planning about food?
...over-prioritise food rules at the expense of other things?
...feel locked into an unrewarding set of rules around eating?
...take drastic compensatory action after eating (for example, starving yourself, overexercising, using laxatives or vomiting)?

Wouldn’t it be great if none of this was true? What if you could have a relaxed relationship with food? What if you could enjoy it as a pleasurable fuel for the life you want to have? What if choosing which foods and how much to eat on any occasion was an easy process, with no backlash afterwards? What if you were able to use food to lovingly nourish your body and able to choose freely when to stop eating?

Happily, with the right help it’s possible for everyone who has difficulties to find more freedom with food.

For more information, or to book a free initial meeting, you are warmly invited to contact Lena.

Loving Your Body

Do you ever…

…weigh yourself more often than is useful?
…fear if you start putting on weight you’ll never stop?
…put off doing something fun until you look different?
…avoid liking your body in case it leads to weight gain?
…avoid being seen by people because of how you look?
…think less of yourself as a person because of your body?
…plan endlessly how to get closer to having your ideal body?
…catch sight of yourself and then experience a mood change?
…find that what kind of day you have is determined by the scales?
…believe if only your body was smaller, thinner, a different shape or better proportioned, you could be happy?

Wouldn’t it be great if none of this was true? What if all the energy that goes into thinking and feeling negatively about your body could be used for what you really want to do? What if you valued yourself and your body, and could live your life at ease with how you look?

Happily, with the right help it’s possible for everyone to find more ease in how they look and in themselves.

For more information, or to book a free initial meeting, you are warmly invited to contact Lena.